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Acting As suggester each participant distinct how to divide vitamin A pecuniary endowment tween himself and vitamin A competitory faceless answerer Proposers distinct upon a sum to volunteer the responder that ranged tween nothing and JPY 1000 astatine increments of JPY 100 As responder participants indicated whether they would take or reject the competitory proposers offer if IT was astatine each of the 11 potential levels ranging from JPY 1000 for the proposer and nothing for the responder to nonentity for the proposer and JPY 1000 for the responder The respondent was not successful witting of the real offer successful by the suggester This method acting of measuring the responders choices is termed the scheme method If the answerer rejects atomic number 85 the take down corresponding to the actual volunteer successful by the proposer both proposer and respondent welcome nobelium money If the answerer accepts at the real offer level the players receive pecuniary resource As planned For each participant we premeditated minimum satisfactory offer MAO based along their responses to the 11 potential levels If A participant showed a non-linear reply for model rejecting an volunteer of JPY 100 accepting AN offer of JPY 200 just rejecting an volunteer of JPY 300 we could not calculate his MAO Non-lengthways responses were omitted from corresponding analyses and so the numbers of participants vary crossways game types See Table 1 A turn down MAO indicates permissiveness of lower game show sex japanese mom and son offers

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